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Update on January 29, 2013

Thank you to everyone who has signed this important petition. We'd like to draw your attention to an article published on CNN today (http://bit.ly/YBX8Lm) by Suniti Neogy, a CARE maternal health program coordinator in India. The piece highlights that there is hope for change in India if we engage men and boys in women's empowerment.

Here is an enlightening quote from the article (http://bit.ly/YBX8Lm):

"The fact is most people want what is best for their loved ones.
Aggressive behavior toward women isn't innate. It's learned and can be
unlearned. When prompted to reflect on their attitudes towards women's
education, sharing domestic tasks, having girl children, and even
violence, the boys and men I work with every day can and do change."

You can read the rest by clicking here. (http://bit.ly/YBX8Lm)

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