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Update on January 28, 2013

majority of children in rural areas of Pakistan are illiterate. Boys
and girls receive primary level education in remote areas if they are
fortunate enough to be able to attend school, and have an educational
institution that is consistent. Most schools often lack adequate
resources for children to obtain a full and comprehensive education that
will assist them in their future

majority of girls do not continue onto secondary education due to
poverty, low priority given by families to educating daughters, and
lack of transportation to distant secondary schools due to the absence
of secondary schools for the girls in their villages. 

graph above indicates that over 7 million children in Pakistan are out
of primary school. When primary and secondary education are combined,
Pakistan has nearly 25 million out of school children. The education system in Pakistan is failing to provide free educational opportunities to all school aged children.

Education & Literacy Program is an ongoing project, and our goal is
to support our students well beyond the classroom setting.  Education
empowers children to develop confidence. It prepares them for leadership
skills and encourages civic action, while increasing participation
within their own community.

truly is the only chance to escape the cycle of poverty for the next
generation of children, their families and their communities. HDF will
continue to implement its Holistic Model in program areas to allow them
to rise out of poverty, improving their families' health, economic
status, and well being.

continue your support, and stand for the universal human right for an education. Your support will change the lives of countless children who are in poverty with no
options or solutions. 

Please, spread the word and help us reach 10,000 signatures for this petition!

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