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Update on January 23, 2013

An update on Piggly-Wiggly:
The little boar rescued out of the hills is a boar no more. ∑;º)
His current foster, Kelley Moon, took him for his vet check today and he was neutered and x-rayed. The xray revealed a dislocation in the limb that he has been favorin, as well as air-rifle ammunition or "BBs" in him. This poor guy's had it hard and he's so lucky to have been caught and rescued!
The dislocation may have been sustained during the recapture of Piggly when he took a lap around his rescuer's neighbor's property, or we could be dealing with the "flare-up" an older injury sustained while running from a predator or whoever shot at him, or otherwise stressful events during his time running feral. The vet who checked him out and performed the neuter has determined that the BB's are too risky to remove at this time.
Volunteers are tentatively scheduled to transport the animal up to LOH this weekend where he will continue to get lots of rest and TLC and receive additional evaluation on the state of his forelimb and the best course of action to care for it.

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