Update #6 ·

Thank you for taking the Dell Reconnect pledge

When we introduced the Dell Reconnect campaign with Goodwill on Causes we hoped to continue our efforts to help protect the environment and strengthen the communities we serve – but we never imagined that in just two months time we'd be able to make such a huge impact!

Thank you to the over 30,000 of you who pledged to recycle your computer equipment through Goodwill! After each one of us fulfills the pledge, the Dell Reconnect program will have kept almost 660,000 lbs of e-waste out of landfills, that's equal to the weight of 165 full size cars!

Not only can we celebrate this important milestone towards creating a cleaner planet, but we can see the real difference that our donated equipment is having in countless people's lives. Goodwill is using recycled and refurbished computers to provide families with affordable access to technology and using the proceeds from our recycling efforts to support crucial job training and digital literacy programs.

On behalf of everyone at Dell Reconnect, thank you so much for helping us reach our goal and raising consumer awareness about responsible computer recycling programs.

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