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Update on January 17, 2013

UPDATE: In three days, Sandy Hook Promise has already passed 50,000 signatures in Causes -- halfway toward our initial goal. Please help keep the national momentum alive to reduce gun violence in America. Invite your friends to join the movement for substantive change. Here's a link to a great story today by Lisa Belkin on the key role that all parents must play in this discussion: http://huff.to/USQdHh.

Make the Promise at: http://causes.com/sandyhookpromise

Campaign closed

There was a gathering of people in Newtown. It was in someone's kitchen, and it was filled with friends and neighbors who knew they needed to be together. They knew they had to hug each other. Gradually, as they spoke, they also realized something else. They understood that they had a responsibility. To honor the kids and teachers they'd lost, as well as the survivors. They promised to do…

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Valentine's Day marked the two-month anniversary of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT that took the lives of 20 first graders and six educators.  As we celebrate those we love this year this week, please join people everywhere in sending a "Virtual Valentine" today to the families of those lost by visiting: http://1MillionHearts.SandyHookPromise.org. Then share…

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