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Update on January 17, 2013

Dear friends,

Since launching the Gimme 5! campaign, we have been able to buy over 50 kilos of dog food, raise money for a few sterilizations, and also vaccinate several stray puppies with much needed, life saving vaccines.

All thanks to caring people that could spare as little as 5 to make a substantial difference in the lives of Romanian homeless animals.

So if you think the price of one coffee cannot possibly do much, think again!

We buy 10 kilos of dog food for 6 euro; we pay 21 euro for a sterilization; we pay 10 euro for a life saving vaccine at the vet.

Would you like to spare the cost of one coffee in order to help needy street dogs and pups from Ploiesti, Romania? Gimme 5!

Thank you dearly for reading this,
¬Alex and the RSDP team
Paypal: [email protected]

PS: Because very little from very many can do a whole lot of good. Please take the pledge and don't forget to share!

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