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Update on January 15, 2013

Walgreens Sells Pit Bull Pepper Spray -- Then It Doesn't.
Incredibly, the retailer had this idiotic product on store shelves -- until dog lovers got wind of it.

Once news of this trash hit blogs such as Seattle Dogspot and Justice for Mary, people got mad, and they acted. Facebook pages such as Boycott Walgreens and Anti-Walgreens went up, and more importantly, calls were made to Walgreens. The individual stores, with people demanding to talk to the managers. That sort of thing. Good stuff.
Corporate Walgreens has also been busy, posting apologies to blogs and the Facebook pages, including its own. Here's one from the Justice for Mary site:

We apologize to everyone about the pit bull spray that was only sold in five stores. We can assure you that this was not a corporately purchased item. It was never our company's intent to condone the inappropriate singling out of any one breed of dog. Instead, a very small number of our stores obtained it for sale on their own. As a result of us becoming aware of the product, we have told those few stores who are carrying the item to stop selling it immediately. We also will ensure other locations don't carry it, too. Thank you and be well.


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