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Update on January 13, 2013

Alamdar Road علمدار روڈ‎

ASALAM O ALAIKOM-A short message(outside qta/pak)
Besides the extremely cold weather in Quetta Our Men&Women Especially our mothers, sisters&ittle childrens Are still in the sit-in Protest which is on it's 4th day, they have continiously been in the sit-in protest sitting with their Martyrs bodies With them(80+). I SALUTE these mothers and sister the famillies of the martyers and everyome else, I can't put into words how proud i am of them I SWear, WALLAH, my tears are rolling down my face as i am typing this on my phone. My heart is crying for these famillies especially for the women& children For their patience and for how these agents/terrorists(America& Isreal paid agents) has played with the blood of these shohada, martyers&with the feeling of these famillies. INDEED THESE MOTHERS& SISTERS HAVE SHOWN THE WORLD THAT THE ZAINABISS ARE STILL ALIVE KARBALA IS STILL ALIVE THE MESSAGE OF KARBALA ISLAM IS STILL ALIVE! We have shown the World that NO MATTER how manay times you try to CREATE fear Between us WITH YOU BOMBS we Are not going to get scared BECAUSE INDEED OUR FAITH IS WAY STRONGER AND POWERFUL THAN YOUR BOMBS AND BULLETS!
Our Allah(swt), Bibi's, Imams& esp Imam E zaman(ajtf) Are With us AND WE WILL FIGHT UNTIL THE LAST BREATH !
May Allah(swt)s CURSE be upon Whoever Was involved In this recent sucide attack in quetta and remote control bomb and other shia Target killings.

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