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Update on January 12, 2013

A solid reason why we need to stop all mining operations in Mt. Hilong-Hilong - to give the Philippine Eagle a chance to recover!


A breeding of endangered species is futile without habitat protection.
by Martin Williams

While captive breeding of animals is to be lauded, it should not overshadow the task of protecting the ecosystems they live in."

"In the Philippines, I've visited a project that includes captive breeding the national bird - the Philippine eagle. I had read an article in which the writer was impressed by the way semen is collected from male eagles - which act as if mating with humans they bond with. Yet the work was far from frivolous, with a dedicated team focused on attempts to raise young eagles, as well as striving to protect the remaining forest tracts where wild eagles survived.

One comment from an eagle biologist was especially striking: his mentor had told him they were like people sitting at the bedside of a dying relative, keeping them company before the inevitable demise. It seemed a bleak prognosis. I responded that species can sometimes bounce back, given the chance."

Complete article here: http://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/technology/article/1110950/breeding-endangered-species-futile-without-habitat-protection

Martin Williams is a Hong Kong-based writer specialising in conservation and the environment, with a PhD in physical chemistry from Cambridge University.

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