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Update on January 08, 2013

UPDATE..UPDATE...please read and share ...
this news comes via- AMPARO FORTEA!

My name is Amparo Fortea, and I´m part of the board of directors of MODEPRAN (Animal protection org of Valencia) that was responsable for finding TIDUS, until "LET´S ADOPT" was so nice enough to take care of all "TIDUS" medical care.
We are so gratefull for that. We have a "manifestation" this saturday to protest about what happend to "TIDUS" and claim responsabilities and justice so this will never happen again. Thank you so much for all your support, it really means alot for us. Good luck with all your noble causes and please contact me at my email [email protected] if you need anything. (svpap.com) is no longer.
Now it´s www.modepran.com
All my best.

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