Update #7 ·

Update on January 07, 2013

We have some important news today.

We have four days left to collect as many petition signatures as possible to submit as official comments about fracking regulations. This is a big deal. The campaign continues after this week, but for the next four days your petition signature packs twice the power!

We need voices calling to ban fracking NOW more than ever.

Last week The New York Times obtained an analysis from the State Health Department that claims fracking can be done safely. Though the Health Department has distanced itself from the analysis, saying it is outdated and will require substantial changes, it is an ominous indication of the State's leaning on the issue. It's clear that now is a critical time to tell Governor Cuomo: Don't Frack New York (http://www.causes.com/banfracking)! Only public pressure will convince Governor Cuomo to permanently ban fracking, setting the tone for other Governors across the country.

Please spread this petition far and wide (http://www.causes.com/causes/799563-artists-against-fracking/actions/1697498?open_inviter=true), and we will deliver your comment to the Governor and Department of Environmntal Conservation on January 11th!


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