Update #1 ·

Update on January 06, 2013

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support thus far in helping to get the Truth About Drugs into the LAUSD! I know that we can make this happen. The booklets and informative videos cover each major kind of drug that plagues our young people. Who wouldn't want our kids to be well informed? The sooner we can get this petition approved the sooner it will start to make a real difference. Every day more young people are trying new drugs for the first time. It's time to turn this around! I know there are a lot of causes to support but this is a fundamental thing that can help undercut so many other social ills. We've had other political issues come up since this petition started, but this remains just as important. I am thinking of bringing the packages to middle schools and even high schools and showing them to parents and teachers and getting more signatures that way. If anyone is interested in helping with this please message me. Meanwhile please keep promoting this petition! Thank you so much for all of your help already!

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