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Update on December 31, 2012

IZILWANE is a nonprofit whose mission is to go to the root of the biodiversity problem by shifting human perceptions away from a human-centric bias to a bio-centric holism.

IZILWANE uses a process of story-sharing through our participatory digital multimedia platform to reach this goal of shifting human perceptions. We believe that by giving people a chance to share their stories and experiences about other species, nature, and biodiversity, we are able to create a global coalition of communicators who raise awareness about and find solutions to biodiversity loss.

IZILWANE's media platform publishes articles, essays, blogs, concept papers, photos, videos, and podcasts submitted by citizen content creators from around the globe. Our team of editors trains each citizen content creator to effectively communicate a story about biodiversity using the most appropriate media medium available to that individual. In doing this, IZILWANE creates an activist community of communicators, who focus on shifting human perceptions and experiences to be bio-centric rather than anthropocentric.

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