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Update on December 31, 2012

Via - Westfield Kotara
We have received quite a few posts in regards to Pluto Pups opening in centre and have already responded to many people directly. Pluto Pups have advised that they are currently ensuring all their breeders are listed on the new PIAA dogs' lifetime guarantee policy, which ensures that dogs purchased from PIAA member retail stores are sourced from responsible breeders whose operations are subject to independent audits each year and that any dog purchased from a PIAA member that becomes unwanted or abandoned at any age is re-homed. The PIAA advocates that the Dogs Lifetime Guarantee Policy on Dog Traceability & Re‑Homing means consumers can purchase with confidence from a PIAA member retail store, knowing that their dog is not the product of a puppy farm and that should the dog become unwanted at any point in its lifetime, PIAA will ensure the dog is re-homed. At Westfield Kotara, Pluto Pups have advised that they will be selling rescue cats and dogs and will also rehome kittens. They will also be working with welfare organisations to allow Pluto Pups to rehome rescue dogs and kittens in store and have purpose-built the store for this reason. If you would like to discuss this matter directly with the retailer, please contact [email protected], or please feel free to contact centre management directly on 02 4016 2570.

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