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Update on December 24, 2012

Today, some believe, some don't. Some are wondering where the next meal is coming from, some are comically wondering how to explain that Santa is "green" and re-uses bows, some of us are thinking, "I know one of the kids is going to get sick, we went all out for this vacation", some of us are wondering about a safe place for our children tonight …

Regardless of anyone's roots or beliefs, today is marked in the genetic history of all of us: What if? What if a child brave enough to speak up was answered: by us? What would have happened if I-we would have stood up for her … for him … for them? And, what would it have cost? Fitting in and being comfy have done a lot to keep us (the human race) going. But, today is about seeing light in the darkest times: seeing hope, compassion and human intelligence, when another is drenched in terror, isolation and brutally inflicted-shame.

I have a list of quotations that have "kept me going" – coincidentally (???) every one of them is from one who has stood up to this horror of bullying, in one way or another; Jesus among them. Today, they might have been written off as "panic disorder, major depressive …" and all I can think of is, "What brilliance would have Amanda Todd, and the thousands-millions like her, have contributed to the world that I want my grandchildren to live in?"

Even if one is an atheist, today is important. Please use it to commit to "eradicating bullying".

Happiest of holidays or Merry Christmas!

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