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Update on December 22, 2012

Rough Draft for a Healthy Homeless Shelter/ Warming Center Experience During Flu Season

1. Ventiliation will be provided, as recommended by CDC.

2. Every effort will be made to space matts or bunks three to six feet apart.

3. There will be soap and water, hand sterilizer, tissues and waste paper baskets available to minimize spread of microbes.

4. People who are actively coughing with infections should be separated from the general population.

5. Large multi-colored posters are preferred for CDC or WHO graphics on hand/cough hygiene and flu shot recommendations.

6. Individual brochures, flyers and pamphlets can be provided to persons utilizing services.

7. The opening or greeting brief from staff should include recommendations regarding cough etiquette, the importance of hand washing and advantage of flu shots.

8. If people cough without protecting others from expulsion of mucous, saliva and microbes, staff should admonish such persons to modify their behaviour.

9. Ideally shots will be available on premise; also, it would be ideal if all staff would have had the shot and if repeat users of the facility also be vaccinated.

10. In the event someone is in fact an index patient causing an outbreak, anyone exposed to  "Patient Zero" should be tracable through a record of who is sleeping in what location so that those who sleep adjacent or two removed can be reached and monitored and treated for infectious disease.

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