Update #5 ·

Update on December 21, 2012

Thanks to your support over 30,000 people have joined the Artist Against Fracking, and nearly 12,000 have signed the petition to ban fracking. This is a great start and gives us all some important momentum going into the holiday season. Remember, signing the petition right now packs 2x the punch. Not only will it be delivered to Governor Cuomo in February, it will also be hand delivered as a public comment in opposition to fracking on January 11.

We also wanted to share a great interview Sean Lennon gave last night on fracking. Sean was on "The Big Picture" last night speaking about the dangers of fracking and why natural gas is NOT a clean energy solution. Great interview Sean!

Be sure to continue to share the petition to ban fracking (http://www.causes.com/causes/799563-artists-against-fracking/actions/1697498?open_inviter=true) with your community. Thanks for you continued work for a clean energy future.

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