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Update on December 21, 2012

Technology changes fast and often our unused electronics collect up just as fast. U.S. consumers have an estimated 3 billion pounds of computers and electronics in their homes and it's safe to say that number will continue rising. Luckily, the Dell Reconnect program makes it easy to clean out all those unwanted computer electronics stashed away in attics and basements by asking people to donate them to Goodwill.

Watch this new video (http://www.causes.com/causes/789392-powering-the-possible/actions/1697893) to learn more about how Dell Reconnect is turning electronics into recycled materials, offering refurbished products to families, and creating green jobs.

This holiday encourage your friends to take the pledge (http://www.causes.com/causes/789392-powering-the-possible/actions/1697893?open_inviter=true) to responsibly recycle technology that they no longer need.

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