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Update on December 18, 2012

Your signature on UK Insecticides Petition has been accepted as evidence for UK Parliament, Environmental Audit Committee Inquiry: INSECTS AND INSECTICIDES

The 5th Public Evidence Hearing; on Public Health, due on Wednesday, December 19 2012 has however been postponed as of today ; link [18.12.2012] [23:07] http://alturl.com/7uxvi

We will ask the committee for a prompt rescheduling of the session, so the inquiry can complete it's evidence taking and conclude report as soon as possible.

Please continue to support by inviting friends, especially in the UK if they haven't already, to Bee Change by signing petition at http://www.causes.com/causes/430648-bee-the-change/actions/1654472

Updates and invitations to the cause can be found here: http://alturl.com/6k6dj

Thank you, Bee The Change

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