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Update on December 16, 2012

                                              URGENT ALERT!

Charles Dyer aka July 4 PAtriot and his family are in the hands of the enemy!

Deborah Swan has been dealing with a serious demonization by a group who have been involved around the family of Charles Dyer for the past 3 yrs. This group of  people Deborah has tried to warn Sgt. Charles Dyer and let him know they destroy and spread false information about her and what she has been doing to help him.  This group has done everythign to keep any support from growing, This is proven by their actions and the slander they spread all around any time Deborah exposes the serious foul play by the Sheriff, the FBI, the District Attorney, and the violations. This is dangerous for anyone to do. This same group has been proven to be very connected to these public officials and Sgt. Charles Dyer is not realizing what is going on. Charles is now claiming this group as his allies and has declared Deborah as his enemy. 

We need the public support for the sake of Truth and Deborah's safety.

Join us tonight for a radio show that will help share what this group has done.

We stand in Truth and demand Justice!

Help Deborah Expose Corruption (www.gofundme.com/helpexposecorruption)

Join us Sunday and Wednesdays at 7 pm Central to learn the truth about how this is a set up and learn who all has been involved. (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/exposecorruption

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