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Update on December 12, 2012

Had a great meeting with Petfinder Foundation this week. Here's a quick rundown on all The Animal Rescue Site and your donations have helped them do in 2012: vaccinate 4654 cats and 5680 dogs in shelters, provide more than $20,000 in emergency assistance to shelters hit by natural disasters (Colorado wildfires and East Coast/Gulf hurricanes), expand the Rescue U program to 18 states with plans to be in all 50 by 2013, give more than 14,000 Hide, Perch & Go cat carriers to shelters and rescue groups, expand the Train to Adopt program to even more shelters (look for them in Rhode Island next!), and help hundreds of shelters with grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 through the $300,000 Shelter+ Program this year.

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