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Update on December 07, 2012

3 weeks ago we started this petition to help protect Fire Island and Long Island and rebuild our sand dunes. 3 weeks later we are over 23,000 strong. Help us reach our goal of 25,000. We're so close! Please post this petition to your Facebook wall today, invite a few new friends and give us one last push! As sand and money starts to get allocated on Long Island, Fire Island cannot be forgotten!! This petition is critical to our efforts. On behalf of everyone involved in this cause, thank you everyone for coming together!

Campaign closed

Want to do more? Learn how you can donate to help in the relief efforts at: www.causes.com/fireislandrelief. In Hurricane Sandy's aftermath, most of Fire Island's dunescape was flattened, leaving Villages once shielded by imposing walls of sand and vegetation naked to the elements. The dunes on Fire Island are to its residential dwellings what Fire Island is to the South Shore of Long…

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