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Update on December 06, 2012

Urge to Kill: The story of a potential serial killer..


Urge to Kill: The story of a potential serial killer - CBC Reporter

A B.C. woman celebrates her 23rd birthday today --in custody. And she may have the authorities watching her for all of her birthdays to come.

Kayla Bourque is the subject of one of the most unusual orders ever to come out of Vancouver provincial court. She describes herself as a potential serial killer. The criminal justice system takes her at her word. She's been sentenced for killing ... and mutilating her family's dog and cat. But Ms. Bourque admits to harbouring much darker fantasies.

She has two months left to serve on charges of animal cruelty. Once released - she'll begin serving a unique probation designed to make sure her fantasies never come true.

CBC Vancouver reporter Jason Proctor has been covering her case and he joins me from Vancouver and a warning that there are some very disturbing elements to this story.

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