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Update on December 05, 2012

One jarring statistic is that JUST in the United States, a teenager commits suicide, due to bullying, every 30 minutes. That doesn't begin to calculate the entire horror of bullying. You'd think that the cost to the world economy - alone (to our healthcare, education, justice …) would have brought authorities down on this plague, long ago.

It took a 15-year-old child to stand up to this monster - and say, "No one deserves this". All bullies have elaborate fantasies that entitle them to terrorize and humiliate; and our societies buy into them, to stay comfy. To me, she was such a remarkable spirit in recognizing the "thrill", of all bullies, for the lie it is.

Amanda Todd did her utmost to speak for all victims of bullying. She made the point that people are NOT bullied because of looks, abilities, disabilities ... People are bullied because of bullies. It's long overdue that every community begin to hold bullies accountable, instead of further shaming victims.

Thanks to her voice, victims of bullying are enabled to stand up and say, "No, this is NOT just me". This petition is about making that message even stronger. Thank you so very much for sharing in this act of humanity and courage.

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