Update #5 ·

Update on December 05, 2012

While we have met our goal, and the Petition originally expired, we have extended the date so that we can continue to gain signatures to add to those we already have. It is important for us to continue to get this out. Make sure GP hits the Headlines of News all over. Let's continue to work together to get the information out. Thank you everyone and God Bless!! A 13 year old young girl named Sarah, died 12/3/12 due to heart failure from GP complications. She was misdiagnosed with Bulimia, and a fellow GPer, who was also misdiagnosed with Bulimia, found Sarah's story to be too familiar. Sarah was tested and found to have GP. It was too late. Her heart was already too weak and she went to Heaven. Sarah is now among the many Angels who have passed from GP. I urge everyone to get as much info out as possible. http://www.GastroparesisAndME.com will give so many links to so much research and info that has been done to date on this illness, and related illnesses.

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