Update #2 ·

Update on December 03, 2012

Assembly Bill 5, California's "Homeless Persons' Bill of Rights and Fairness Act", was introduced by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano today. For more information about the introduction of AB 5, follow this link: http://bit.ly/Uc3uss

Assembly member Tom Ammiano (D, San Francisco) is the author of the California Homeless Persons Bill of Rights and Fairness Act. The bill is co-sponsored by, Western Regional Advocacy Project, Western Center on Law and Poverty and JERICHO: A Voice for Justice. Here is a link to the bill text: http://bit.ly/Vio3Vw

This is the beginning of a long legislative process, and we are grateful for your support of this campaign. We'll be getting in touch to let you know about opportunities to support this bill as it moves through the Assembly, and hopefully through the Senate and on to the Governor's desk.

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