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Update on November 29, 2012

You did it! Once again you've rallied to achieve and surpass our petition signature goal. Thank you so much for your important part in participating and inviting folks to join you. Now, as the deficit reduction discussions grow more intense and supporters keep adding their names, we are raising the bar in response.

Send the petition link http://bit.ly/HoldChildrenHarmless to two friends, so together, we can reach 15,000 voices for vulnerable children and their families.

Just two and a half weeks ago, we launched this petition to President Obama, asking him to set the terms for deficit reduction negotiation by protecting programs serving children and their families. Thanks to you, we beat our original goal of 5,000 signatures before the holiday. We sent your message to the White House and then, we raised the bar. We set out to double the support for children and accomplished it with you in just two days. Over 10,000 strong, we can't stop now.

President Obama's administration has started direct negotiations with Congress, and as of yet they are at a stalemate over taxes and entitlement programs. Stay up to date on these negotiations by reading the latest on our Children's Monitor blog at http://childrensmonitor.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/budget-talks-get-personal/. And for even more information, CWLA houses ongoing budget updates and information on our "These Cuts Won't Heal" campaign page at http://www.cwla.org/advocacy/thesecutswontheal.htm. Now that the discussions are occurring, we've added the Republican leader, House Speaker John Boehner to the petition to make sure that decision makers on both sides feel pressure to protect children and their families.

Increase that pressure by sending the petition link http://bit.ly/HoldChildrenHarmless to two friends today. Together we can raise the bar for children and families.

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