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Update on November 23, 2012

LETTER TEMPLATE IDEA...please feel free to use.

Dear President Obama,
Recently, in Los Angeles County, a young punk named Andrew Delgado doused his 3-year-old basset hound, Buddy, with lighter fluid, then set him on fire, resulting in the poor dog's horrific and agonizing death!

In La Vergne, Tennessee, a three-month-old puppy named Jada innocently wandered into neighbor George Garrett's backyard. Garrett admitted that he shot and killed Jada, then defended his cruel act by stating that there's a leash law in Tenn. and he did not want to step in the dog's excrement!

In Nov. 2011, in Miami, Florida, a tiny puppy named Molly was dragged and beaten to death by another remorseless thug by the name of Matthew Milewski!

Less than two weeks ago, in Fairhope, Alabama, gentle 10-year-old Maddie was sitting innocently on her family porch, wagging her tail, when witnesses saw one of the Baldwin County deputies get out of his car, kneel down by the side of it, and shoot her five times! Why? Well, simply for no reason other than she was a pit bull, and he'd gotten a report to check out a dog of that breed, as it might present some danger. (Maddie's owner also had two small children who could quite easily have been shot by this reckless, trigger-happy official!)

During this past week, the Lima, Ohio news reported another tragic case about a dog owner (nameless thus far, pending more info.) who beat his poor pet to death. The injuries were so horrific, that, according to the report issued by Alicia Phillips, operations manager for the Allen County Humane Society, "the front of the face that I could see was severely swollen beyond recognition and, when I moved the dog, the entire other side of the face was shattered and smashed beyond recognition!"

Meanwhile, in Wisonsin, 18-year-old Nong Vang was recently arrested for mutilating a puppy in June, 2009, when he was 15. Vang allegedly sliced off the puppy's ears with a razor blade which caused the poor puppy to bleed to death. At the time of his arrest, Vang told Wisconsin Rapids officers that, "it was his puppy and he could do with it whatever he wanted!"

All of the above are acts of bloodthirsty cowardice were committed by young people who possess not a shred of decency or morality! So much so, that when taken into custody and questioned by authorities as to why they injure and mutilate and murder innocent animals, they justify their unforgivable acts of cruelty with the classic excuse sociopaths have used from time immemorial: that animals are merely their own property to do with as they wish -- inanimate objects, NOT living souls!

The horrible abuse starts with dogs and cats, but it rarely ever ends there. Experts who have worked with hard-core felons like Dahmer and Bundy, know that the very next targets of these violent rampages are, more often than not, innocent human beings -- often young children.
This is one of the most vital reasons why decent, compassionate men and women have to take a tough stance on the brutal crimes that have been committed against our helpless, furry animal friends.

Here is the final heartrending example, and it is without question, the most prolonged and horrific attack on an innocent pet I've read or heard about in my entire life! The No. 1 Worst Case of Assault, Torture and Murder in the Annals of Animal Abuse:

In Wausau, Wisconsin, in June of this past year, a very disturbed and sadistic 20-year-old woman named Sean D. Janas, slowly, deliberately forced bleach and drano down the throat of her boyfriend's poor, precious dog, a lovely German Shepherd mix named Mary, then slit her throat!

Yes, you read that right. This remorseless monster masqueraded as a human being while committing acts so vile and so horrendous, they rank right up there with the worst atrocities in human history!
Mr. President, when are we, as a first-world nation, to say nothing of a halfway-evolved species, going to make more of a real effort to put an end to these unforgivable atrocities against our fellow creatures?
Sincerely ...


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