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Update on November 21, 2012

Avoid Elective Induction and Elective Cesarean

Ignore people who say an induction is more convenient. Nothing is convenient about a longer labor and increasing your risk of cesarean. Whether you're the mom, the partner or the grandma, the baby you're so anxious to meeting is busy preparing for life outside of the womb in those last few weeks.

During his time, she will gain weight more rapidly, ensuring she has enough fat to hold a normal body temperature. Her lungs, liver and brain also have some important development to complete. And the baby gets the most protection from the mom's immune system in the last 4 weeks (36 to 40) of pregnancy. Babies can stay healthier in the first weeks and months of life if they get as much of this protection from their moms as possible because they don't make their own protection right away.

Even if a baby measures as a "good size" this is no indication of whether her lungs are mature. Her liver is also developing: If she's born too early, she's more prone to developing newborn jaundice. You'll see a yellow cast in her skin that shows her liver can't rid her body of a substance called bilirubin. If your baby has jaundice, she may have to stay in the hospital under special lights, and in severe cases, her brain could be affected. Honor your pledge as the health of your pregnancy allows; wait for labor to start on its own.

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