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Update on November 20, 2012

URGENT: Facebook is Trying to End This Cause.

This Petition and your "Demand Cards" are sending a strong message to Facebook. Apparently, they have heard you . . . and they are scared.

Once again, their response is to ignore the problem and eliminate the voices of those demanding justice – Your Voice.

Causes.com is an incredible ally in our campaign to end the continual posting of illicit images and videos of children on Facebook. Recently, Facebook informed the folks at Causes.com that they have been receiving our "Demand Cards." (Though we have attempted to reach Facebook directly, they have never contacted us.) Facebook also told Causes.com that they have "great resources" that "meet and exceed all of (the) requests from the petition."

Not true. Our demand is that Facebook BLOCKS all illicit images and videos of children. Allowing pedophiles to post them at will and then dealing with the illegal posting in a lackluster manner without reporting each offense to law enforcement is not acceptable.

Facebook has been denying this crime and feeding the same empty responses to the media, US Federal Legislators and human rights advocates for years. Their answer is to point to policies and procedures which, given the evidence we see every day, does not work. See the evidence here: http://vimeo.com/41583927

WARNING: For more live evidence simply put the following terms in the Facebook "Search" Tab: "sex movies" "young nude" "pedo bear" "hentai girls" And these are just the English language search terms. People from all over the world use these terms to meet each other on Facebook and share illicit images and videos of children.

Also, award winning journalist Lydia Cacho has written an excellent article about the issue. Please read it here: http://www.lydiacacho.net/23-10-2012/facebook-y-el-porno/

Now, with over 1.2 million members of this Cause and more of your "Demand Cards" arriving at their corporate offices, Facebook is suddenly declaring that "they are doing a thorough job of maintaining the safety of (Facebook)" and that we should "move on to another campaign."

No. In fact, we are now redoubling our efforts to expose this issue to the world.

But there is a risk. Because this Cause is built on a platform not controlled by Men Against Prostitution and Trafficking, the group organizing this campaign, it can be eliminated at any time. Clearly, that is what Facebook is trying to do. Rather than address the problem of pedophiles openly using their site to abuse children they would rather silence those who want justice.

If this Cause is suddenly terminated, please continue to follow our work at http://stopchildpornonfacebook.com/ AND http://www.change.org/petitions/block-all-child-pornography-from-facebook

For now, please send a message directly to Facebook by posting this Petition onto your Facebook page. (http://www.causes.com/causes/580526-force-facebook-to-block-all-child-pornography/actions/1703246)

Tell your entire network of friends that you will not tolerate illicit images or videos of children and that YOUR VOICE will not be silenced.

Thank you,
The Force Facebook Team


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