Update #2 ·

Update on November 17, 2012

We are gaining in exposure, but we need more. Please ask your friends and family to sign and circulate. These unqualified politicians rule. No one, not the DA, local police or FBI can investigate until the coroner rules a sudden, unattended death a homicide. They can cover-up, ignore and refuse to investigate a death they do not believe will promote their career.

My son is a victim of one of these unqualified coroners from Montgomery County Pennsylvania, his death from poison has never been allowed to be investigated.

Please help. Ray's story is http://www.denied-justice.com take a look at the video that is posted there, the autopsy and toxicology reports, forged documents, then judge if you think this petition is important
The toxicologist interview is at 12- 13 minute mark on the video

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