Update #5 ·

Update on November 11, 2012

We've officially gotten over 1,000 signatures and over 1600 members! This is only a milestone on our journey toward the correction of our current legal status - or the blatant illegality of it. Please continue to share this with just a few people a week, or share one of the Free Hawaii sites of your choice. All progress made, is progress toward our goal.
Let us share that Team Freedom has nothing to do with LHG or any other political faction and we will hold a council to deal with that, once we establish a date to go with the independence. Our leaders are many and come from different backgrounds. Our team is many and wide spread throughout the world.
Team Freedom is here to educate you, kukakuka with you and ho'oponopono when needed. We do not operate on political opinions, except to say that we agree that the statehood must go. We don't just ask you to sign a petition and roll, we ask you to stay and participate in the whole process. Once a fundraiser takes success, we will begin to send hard copy newsletters and collect your polls on every aspect of every move we make. We do not intend to be a new political structure, nor do we intend on telling you what to do. If you hear an urgency in our communication to you, then it is of urgent action, not an emotion toward you.
We do not intend on putting any of you in harm's reach, nor will we. We are simply doing the people's research, let our voices be heard, and when the final results are in, we will hold an assembly in each area to let all of you know what the results where. This will be a recorded and shared event, and pending what's important to the people, not any faction of any government, we will communicate what freedom our people choose.
Please kukakuka with Team Freedom in the comment section...

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