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Update on November 04, 2012

Your support for Prop. 30 is making a difference for our schools and our future. We're close to Election Day and our support is growing!

I'll be barnstorming the state Monday – joined by teachers and local education leaders -- to make my final pitch to voters about why Prop. 30 is so critical to stopping the school cuts and investing in the next generation.

I need your help as well. Please invite your friends to take the pledge, share it on your Facebook feed, Tweet it out and email to your friends.


I've been across California and back in the recent weeks – joining students, teachers, parents, and business leaders who know we can't keep cutting our schools and build a strong economy for California's future.

I've seen the energy and the enthusiasm growing each step of the way, and I'm energized for this final push. Will you join me as we cross the finish line?

Together in the fight for our children's future,

Jerry Brown

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