Update #13 ·

Update on October 24, 2012

Progress as of October 25, 2012:

Letter to the DENR with attached signature - SENT
Letter to the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines - SENT
Letters with attached signatures to the three main TV networks in the Philippines - SENT
Letters with attached signatures to the major newspapers in the Philippines - SENT
Letter and attached signatures to the Philippine Eagle Foundation - SENT

Current status - waiting for replies

Next move:
Letters to the Senate and House of Representatives in the Philippines

Please continue to invite your network and sign the petition so we can gain more strength and have a louder voice.

We need to raise awareness on a wider level. So if you know of anyone in your home country who can also support this petition through media exposure and links with international environmental organisations, any form of assistance to raise awareness is very much appreciated.

Please follow the instruction- copy and paste the letter and sending it directly to the email address provided.

If they could only speak, the Philippine Eagle and Mt. HIlong -HIlong are surely grateful for your support and efforts. They will only be able to speak through us - WE ARE THEIR VOICE, AND THEY ARE IN CRITICAL DANGER !

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