Update #3 ·

Update on October 24, 2012

As the word spreads, people are beginning to look deeper and deeper into our situation. People are now seeing what the US has hidden from them for so long. We want you to know that people around the world are now stepping up to ask America to do the righteous thing and de-occupy Hawaii. We have more support now than ever before and we'd like to encourage you to continue to battle. Learn your genealogy and find out who you really are. Find out how much land you're entitled to and what reparations are to be made from this illegal occupation. look out for an upcoming update on the march.. The time is ripe and we must move forward. Please don't forget to put God first in your lives, as He is the key warrior in the battle against the plight of our people. Please don't forget to pass this petition forward and have your friends sign.. the quicker and more signatures we have, the louder our voices will be.

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