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Update on October 23, 2012

At risk youth in urban Santiago participate regularly in G.O. Ministries' gospel centered sports outreach programs. We have over 200 youth in our baseball academy ministry and hundreds more in various other sports leagues. This picture of this bat represents one of those kids, a kid who received a donated baseball bat for faithfully completing a week of baseball camp. Three years ago that bat was brand new. As you can see from the photo the kid has put some miles on it, still using it when Tim Krauss, one of our missionaries found him with it. Tim offered the kid a new bat on the condition that he trade in the old one. It was an easy swap. This ragged, scuffed up, worn out bat represents impact and influence in the lives of at risk children in the Dominican Republic. It tells us that this child is focused on developing his skills rather than settling for being a trouble maker in the streets, flirting with the drug culture and alcohol, he's committed to grow. The scuffs and dents are the marks of discipline. Because he is part of our ministry he is being introduced to Jesus Christ. This kid is why we do sports ministry.

Well, we have hundreds of other bats and sports equipment that have been donated by ministry partners that need to get to the field. They have a story that has yet to be written about them as to how they were used to transform lives and further the gospel. And with them we have a variety of other crucial ministry supplies to help facilitate medical ministry outreach and benevolence. This ministry equipment tells no redemptive story collecting dust in our warehouse. We need your help to send it. We have hundreds of bats, ball gloves and other equipment that need to be worn out in the service of Jesus. Give $75 or more put more of these bats in the hands of children who will wear them out while learning about Jesus and developing gospel centered leadership skills.

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