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Update on October 22, 2012

Ursula Koc Shepherd

I know I was only Bullied twice. Once in school and once on the block I lived on. I use to go to Catholic school and this girl named Milky use to Bully me all the time. She wanted me to do things with her in the bathroom. The first couple of times I did it. Then I finally told my mother about it and it stopped. I don't know what Sister Eugenia did but I never had to go into the bathroom with Milky again. The problem at home was because I wore the same clothes everyday. It wasn't actually the same clothes. It was just that I wore a uniform everyday and Munk Munk couldn't understand that, so she use to beat me up. I use to come up stair crying everyday. Until one day my mother got tired of it and told me if I didn't go back down stairs and whoop this girls behind she was going to whoop me. So I did as she said and I couldn't believe it. Munk Munk couldn't fight at all. She never bothered me again. She ended up wanting to be my friend. I still have pictures of a block party that we had with me and Munk Munk standing side by side.
There is NO reason to bully another person, child or adult because there is still some childish behind adults out there still bulling people. There should be a very steep law for this. The more violent the situation the more harsh the punishment.

Thank you Ursula for sharing this it means alot that you have shared this with us

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