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Update on October 18, 2012

Thank you all for your support lets keep the invites going, we are going to need all the signatures we can get if we want something to change now.

NDP Danny Morin does not think that criminalizing cyber-bulling is the answer to stopping bullying. He feels that studying bully intervention to find a national strategic plan to prevent bullying, is the answer. While he is partly right, implementing some form of plan that begins educating children as young kindergarten age would help bully prevention, it does not do anything for the now and the next 10 years until the young children get to there teens. SOMETHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW, NOT 2 YEARS FROM AFTER THEY DO A STUDY, NOT 10-15 YEARS FROM NOW WHEN WE SEE IF THERE STRATEGIC PLAN WORKS. THERE MUST BE CONSEQUENCES FOR PEOPLES ACTIONS NOW. Read for yourself:


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