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Update on October 16, 2012

Miranda Rose Lockrem ·

I admire what you're doing. My momma committed suicide September 1, of this year, two weeks after my 18 birthday. She was bullied and abused so much by her former "husband", someone I called a "dad" I don't even like saying that, because as a title he was a husband and father, but he didn't act like it. Anyways since my moms passing I've been trying to get justice for her(by putting the sleeving cocksucker into jail), after being bullied so much into doing it by him. I greatly respect the fact that you are doing this for all the bullied vicitms, (I've been one). People are so blind, they believe that because Amanda's name is behind this all, that you're not doing it for every bullied victim, however this is a way of justice for all victims, whether committing suicide or living. You're taking a stand. Be proud. You're amazing.

Thank you Miranda For sharing I hope this helps you do the right thing everyone

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