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Update on September 26, 2012

We want to share with you a major news story that anyone concerned about unpunished sexual violence within our military should read: "The Enemy Within." Award winning journalist James Kitfield wrote the cover story for this month's issue of the National Journal – it powerfully describes and questions our military's acceptance of sexual assaults within its ranks.

Click here to read the article: http://www.nationaljournal.com/magazine/the-military-s-rape-problem-20120913

The article asks, and through careful investigation answers, "How, in 2012, can sexual assault still be so pervasive and the military justice system's reaction so cruel...?"

In the article, three of our advocacy board members make the story come alive. Survivors Jennifer, Brian, and Jenny bravely came forward to share their stories.

"I could escape the recruiter and the instructor and the other sergeant, but I couldn't escape my supervisor."

The article is sparking important conversations. Since the article came out, we have been hearing that senior officials are beginning to grasp the enormity of the problem.

Please share this thorough and thoughtful article to keep this issue in front of our fellow citizens and elected officials -- on Facebook, Twitter, or by forwarding this email or link: http://www.nationaljournal.com/magazine/the-military-s-rape-problem-20120913

The article concludes that "the Pentagon should be prepared to stand down, and let others lead the way" if the military fails to change.

Articles like this one are helping to turn the tide.

Thank you for your continued support,

Nancy Parrish
Founder, Protect Our Defenders

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