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Update on September 17, 2012

The Air Force announced on Saturday that a woman has been selected to lead basic training at Lackland Air Force Base amid the ongoing sexual abuse scandal. Protect Our Defenders President Nancy Parrish put out this statement in response:

"Hopefully, Col. Deborah Liddick will do a great job. But, Lackland is but a small of example of a much broader problem endemic throughout all the services. The majority of the sexual assault victims in our armed forces are male. According to the military's own reports, there are 10,000 male victims a year of unpunished rape and sexual assault throughout the military. Yet only 13.5% come forward out of fear of retaliation and of those who come forward 80% would not do so again if given the chance. Congress must investigate, modernize the military code of justice and offer legislative solutions.

As the House Armed Services has rightfully said in announcing open hearings about sexual abuse scandal at Lackland, 'there are a lot of policy questions that arise from this scandal that the committee should rightly address.' It is the job of Congress now to not only look at Lackland but all branches of our military as they have said they will and offer legislative solutions. The military has proven incapable of fixing the problem on their own -- as decades of failure and hundreds of thousands of victims demonstrate. Now, it is time for Congress to do what we elected them to do and protect our brothers, sisters, daughters and sons."


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