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Update on September 15, 2012

Agham, monkey-eating eagle, finds sanctuary in Mt. Apo
By Christine F. Herrera

The Mt. Apo is now host to 39 Philippine monkey-eating eagles, 24 of which were bred in captivity, but nine were still awaiting their "foster parents" will have to fork out P150,000 annually, the Philippine Eagle Foundation said Friday.

An eagle bred in captivity in Davao City.
PEF Executive Director Dennis Salvador said one of the eagles was named "Agham" after Rep. Angelo Palmones of the Agham party-list. He adopted a male eagle until it was ready to be released into the wild.

Salvador said the amount of P150,000 would be used for the eagle's food, veterinary care and aviary maintenance.

Agham, the eagle, is bred in captivity from a natural pair at the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos, Davao City, Salvador said. Agham is 12 years old.

"Representative Palmones has opted to name the eagle 'Agham.' Under the Adopt an Eagle program of the PEF, naming the eagle is a privilege bestowed on the adoptor/sponsor," Salvador said.

During the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement for the adoption last August 10, 2012, Salvador said Palmones also assured the PEF that his group is also committed to protecting the environment.

Salvador said Palmones had filed before the Supreme Court a petition to issue a Writ of Kalikasan for Mt. Apo, a known eagle habitat.

Palmones comes from Cotabato and lives at the foot of Mt. Apo. He recalled that during his childhood, he could see eagles freely flying and preying on chicks and other small animals in the farms at the foot of Mt. Apo.

He said he could hardly see eagles dominating the skies now.

The PEF blamed the illegal logging and irresponsible hunters as the culprits behind the eagles being displaced from their natural habitat and becoming endangered species.


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