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Update on September 08, 2012

For your information - I did sent Honorable Harper this letter with no response. I am hoping that a human rights petition puts pressure on Canada to address the issues native women face on a daily basis from child care issues to voting rights and self-governing issues. Native women with Status Rights face 3 things when they wake up in the morning that work against them in society; 1) being a woman, 2) being poor 3) being a woman of color, Native women would like human rights within a society that bases their political structure around freedom, peace and equal opportunity. Native women are hunted down and murdered in Canada and the statistics are growing. Native women lose their children to foster care at an alarming rate - because of poverty and related issues of poverty. Its time to wake up to the real issues - and yes, it is defined as racism according to Human Rights and it is systemic terrorism toward native women when everyone turns a blind eye to the issues of Missing and Murdered Native Women; according to the definition of terror. Please support our right to be treated with dignity. Huy Ch Qu Sharon,

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The justice system of Canada is built on the foundation of patriarchy and colonialism We seek acknowledgement for Native Culture, Identity, and Rights of Native Women Canada  Its time to permit Native Women to be acknowledged, their culture, place, and remove the patriarchial process of delivery in justice Please donate:  https://www.gofundme.com/nativewomenrising

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We seek acknowledgement and support! This petition creates awareness and awareness brings about change in social policy. We seek your support for Let Me Speak...Stop Racism against Aboriginal Women of Canada for an event, that will gain media attention to give voice to Aboriginal Women allowing their stories to become alive: please donate! Please help us by donating for this event! Help give…

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Native Women have lived under the longest and most violent Act of Cultural Genocide in the History of the World. Native Women want a Voice across all layers of Policies and Legislation.  Remove all Racialized, Sexual Violence and Discrimination in policies around marriage, children, social services, employment, health care, justice, education, land, and laws that hinder and prevent any…

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