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Update on September 05, 2012

Big Cat Rescue would like FWC to change the Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 68A-9.006 Regulation so they can post photos and videos of wildlife in rehabilitation status.


"The Florida Wildlife Commission has taken the position that we are not allowed to post photos, videos or webcams of rehab bobcats outside of our volunteer force while a bobcat is going through rehabilitation. We have asked what we need to do to have the FWC reconsider their interpretation of the rule that rehab wildlife shall not be exhibited. There are a lot of places who post photos, videos, webcams and even have live exhibition of native Florida wildlife including major zoos, aquariums and rescue centers, but the FWC has told us we are not allowed to share photos, videos or webcams of our current rehab animals with you".

"You can help us make a case before the Florida Wildlife Commissioners that this rule was implemented before the invention of webcams and non invasive ways to monitor rehabilitating wildlife by gathering evidence that this rule is not being enforced against anyone other that Big Cat Rescue who speaks out against private ownership and hunting of wild cats. Send your links, photos and videos to [email protected]. The only evidence that will be helpful are native Florida wildlife who are undergoing rehabilitation for release back to the wild".

We ask that FWC not change this State Regulation to accommodate BCR as there is no need for the public to view wild animals in rehab status.

"FWC staff investigated and was able to confirm that BCR did, in fact, post a video on the BCR website and "Youtube" of wildlife being fed in rehabilitation status. BCR was advised of the violation and was ordered to remove the video from the public website and BCR corporate officer "Jamie Veronica Murdock" was issued a warning on March 17, 2011, for a violation of Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) 68A-9.006".

Despite complaints filed with FWC the photos and videos remain on various Big Cat Rescue internet accounts.


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