Update #12 ·

Update on September 01, 2012

There are some for Star and some on the side of this officer ... Everyone is entitled to their own opinions ...Just know that here we are ALL for STAR ... This is a Page to gain support from the community and around the world for her . All your comments will be posted whether they are against or for , Just please remember to have respect for what I am trying to do, and what we, as supporters, love ... If you leave a nasty rude comment to me or ANY OF THE STAR SUPPORTERS YOUR COMMENTS WILL BE BANNED ... We value all opinions but please remember we are here to promote our Hero. So please keep that in mind. With that said; more updates on Star later today! I love the Star supporters. Nearing 5,000 now .. It's because of all of you this was possible .. I couldn't have done this without each & every one of you ... please keep sharing! We are a long way from where we need to be but I know we can do this ..WE LOVE YOU STAR.....

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