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Update on August 13, 2012

People from all over the world have signed our petition Childhood Cancer Is No Joke……

The United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Indonesia, Austria, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan, Iran, Turkey, Ecuador, Russia, South Africa, Netherlands, Malaysia, Slovenia, India, Italy and more.

We stand united in our cause against Universal Studios and all involved in the making of the movie TED because we all agree that Childhood Cancer is nothing to joke about. I have contacted Universal Studios several times with no response. Please keep our petition going and continue to share with everyone you know. We will continue to contact Universal Studios until they acknowledge that they made a monstrous mistake by making a joke of Childhood Cancer. It is in no way funny that my baby suffered the unimaginable and died from this horrific disease, and I am not alone in this.

Let Universal Studios know that we will accept no less than a worldwide public apology to all the children and families affected by this devastating disease.

Again, thank you and please continue to share our petition.
Silvia Dominguez Vanni

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