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Update on August 03, 2012

Dear Garden Advocate,

We just went over 17,000 signatures on our front yard garden petition on our way to 20,000 by next week. While we're waiting for the local authorities to react, we have another garden mission for you if you choose to accept it: vote our entry in the Do Good Outdoors contest into 1st place here: http://outdoors.maker.good.is/projects/sow-it-forward

There are less than 3 hours left to vote and we're currently in 3rd place out of 115 entries with just a handful of votes separating the top three entries. If we win, we'll use the $5000 prize to help start new school and community gardens across the country. Voting is quick and easy for facebook users - just 2 mouse-clicks! Here's the link again: http://outdoors.maker.good.is/projects/sow-it-forward

Thanks for fighting for food gardens. Together, we're making a difference.

Roger Doiron
Cause Leader

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