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Update on July 20, 2012

You took the pledge to Exit the Highway, now it's time to take the scenic route!


We all need highways to get us to our destinations, but Toyota and Audubon are encouraging you to take the road less traveled as you drive because what lies just beyond a highway exit can be a very rich, memorable experience in nature.

Through September 4, 2012, visit ExitTheHighway.com (http://exitthehighway.togethergreen.org/) to discover nearly 100 nature destinations (70 of which are free to the public) in more than 60 cities.

Earn bonus entries in the Toyota Prius v sweepstakes by sharing photos tagged with #exitthehighway via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts or manually uploading photos at ExitTheHighway.com (http://exitthehighway.togethergreen.org/).

Don't see an itinerary in your area? Recommend your favorite spots to other nature seekers.

We look forward to seeing your photos and learning about your favorite exits!

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