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Update on July 18, 2012

There are two town councillors, several high level officials and some local businesses that want us removed from the high street before the Olympic visitors arrive. They have brought pressure on the Highways department and they visited us on friday, thankfully saying they would have no part in discriminating against us (the complaint being we have second hand goods outside and we lower the tone of the high street and Weymouth itself). Monday they sent the Enforcement Officer from the Licencing department who also said they would not discriminate against us. Both departments say there is nothing wrong with our store or how we are operating it.

The campaign has turned vicious with local shop keepers against us coming to our shop shouting and swearing and being abusive.

We are on a serious time limit and desperately need to get as many signatures as we can. If you have time and like what we are trying to do and more importantly if you think our shop should stay for those that need it then please sign the petition and ask friends to sign it too.

Thank you
Ian xx

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