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Update on July 13, 2012

Thanks for signing the petition! Together we’re taking a stand against the NYPD's inappropriate spying on American Muslim communities. We are not alone in this fight; earlier this month 26-year-old Syed Farhaj Hassan came forward as the first plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by several Muslims Advocates groups challenging NYPD’s operations in New Jersey. The 25-page lawsuit, argues that the NYPD’s actions - spying on and cataloging the daily lives of Muslim Americas - violated countless citizens’ basic civil rights. In his testimony, Syed claims that the NYPD spied on four mosques that he regularly attended over the years and eventually scared him away from his favorite place of prayer – the Masjid-e-Ali in Somerset. Read more about Syed Farhaj Hassan’s story here.

As American citizens, we must speak out whenever law enforcement officials blatantly disregard civil liberties. Invite your friends to join us by signing the petition demanding that NYPD immediately cease all activities related its unconstitutional spying program!

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